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A weekly newsletter for students, staff, donor, friends and inquirers of Biblical Graduate School of Theology.

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BGSTTHISWEEK Message RED TAG BOOKS: + Book Club Members, 20%; + BGST & FES Students & Library Members, 25% YELLOW TAG BOOKS: + Book Club Members, 10%; + BGST & FES Students & Library Members, 15% NETT TAG BOOKS: + No discount fo...


Book Corner News

This list will mail out information regarding recent book promotion at BGST Book Corner

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Dear all, Greetings from BGST! We will be having our December book sale from 1-31 Dec 2017. However, please note our opening hours for the month of December are as follows : Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (Closed from 12-1 pm, Wed at 12-2 pm, Sat W...



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